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Advantages of the electric bike

● You don't get tired (if you don't want to).

● You can drive at a speed of up to 25 km / h (electric motor) in addition to the one you generate by pedaling.

● You can cover more than 300 km for less than € 1.

● You have no parking problems.

● You do not make noises.

● You can remove the battery and charge it at home (weighs 2 kg).

● As it is a non-polluting means of transport, you can apply for subsidies.

How does an electric bike work?

Electric bicycles have:

● Electric motor.

● Lithium battery: where the energy that the bicycle will use is stored.

● Controller: is the brain of the system. Send the power to the motor and the rest of the elements.

● Pedaling sensor: detects pedaling and activates the motor.

● Control screen (optional): informs about the speed of the bicycle, the distance we have travelled, etc.

● Accelerator (optional): allows operation as if it were a motorcycle (no pedaling required)

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